Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Quick tech tip: using MDS Events in BPM

How to use MDS Events in your BPM processes?

With choreography gaining importance compared to orchestration, events will start playing an increasingly important role. In Oracle SOA Suite, it makes sense to put the related event definitions into MDS, so they can be used by multiple processes and services.

However, when you have your event in MDS and you try to use it in your BPM process, you will not be able to access it. You'll find that your BPM process will only look into the contents of the project that it's in and you can't use external events. Now here's the trick to still make it happen:
  1. Copy the event definition that you want to use into your project;
  2. Let your BPM process use the local event on design time;
  3. Open your composite.xml in source mode and change the import location of the event definition to the oramds: location;
  4. Remove the local copy;
  5. Deploy & enjoy!

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