Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Why you want to become an Oracle SOA developer

With a mixture of surprise and amusement, I've read mr. Sten Vesterli's statement below:

"You don’t want to become an Oracle SOA developer, for two reasons: SOA and Oracle."

Quite a powerful statement, so let's dive deeper into the two reasons mentioned above and explain why I strongly disagree with mr. Vesterli.

First of all, he makes a rightful claim that SOA has over-promised and under-delivered for a decade. I share this feeling, but I do not believe in the bleak picture of the future of SOA that he is painting.

When you look at the Gartner hype cycle, it's clear that SOA is currently in the through of disillusionment, which is a rather tough place to be in. However, after this phase come the slope of enlightenment and plateau of productivity, so is this really a good moment to stop being interested in SOA? I don't think so. We have made our mistakes, learned our lessons and now it's time for "SOA done right".

Of course, we can now jump into microservices, which are at the peak of inflated expectations and doomed to fail in their own way with all the downsides and requirements that they have, or we can adjust our perspective on SOA and modernize our architectures. Take elements from microservices, don't run from one extreme to the opposite extreme and find your way into Domain Driven SOA Design, in which I strongly believe. We can and will do this right if we can for once stop thinking so black-and-white.

So, having covered SOA, let's talk about Oracle. It is indeed true that Oracle is making a strong movement to the cloud, which I embrace and support. Now, according to mr. Vesterli, apparently an Oracle SOA developer will only work on-premise and will not be working with Oracle Integration Cloud (ICS). I think this is not true and I can use myself as an example, having done projects with both Oracle SOA Suite and ICS and happily using my skills both on-premise and in the cloud with Oracle's rapidly expanding PaaS portfolio.

Apart from that, SOA Suite on-premise and Oracle SOA Cloud Service are exactly the same from a developer's point of view. They are the same products, requiring the same type of code, being developed in the same JDeveloper. And while ICS is very good for integrating SaaS applications with each other, it's not going to be the cornerstone of anyone's enterprise architecture anytime soon. Therefore, SOA will remain relevant for a long time and when you know SOA, you can easily learn about ICS as well. The other way around will be significantly harder!

So, I'd like to conclude by turning mr. Vesterli's statement around: now is a great and exciting time to become an Oracle SOA developer.

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